Daily Writing Prompt #407

August 20, 2014

In a world where water has slightly different properties, water is completely dark. No matter how shallow it is or how light the sky is, people can never see more than an inch or so below the surface. How is this world different?

Daily Writing Prompt #406

August 19, 2014

Observers of the Trojan Horse start building giant war horses controlled by a large crew and using them along side siege engines, kind of like mechs, but forming a horse rather than a humanoid.

Daily Writing Prompt #405

August 18, 2014

People can have two personas that they can switch between at will. When in one persona, the other’s existence just disappears, essentially pausing life.

Daily Writing Prompt #404

August 17, 2014

Random sections of the world occasionally just don’t appear and need to be refreshed with generic epic journeys to sacred places. If said sacred places are also gone, someone else has to do a journey somewhere else to restore them.

Remember how I said you’re free to publish anything you write based on my prompts? I was serious. Judith Field went through Rampant Loon Press and did just that.

The Book of Judith: Sixteen Tales of Life, Wonder, and Magic


Although just one of the short stories in there (Leaky Magic) is influenced by these prompts (#38 and #49), it still counts.

From the Amazon page:

“[From the introduction by the editor:] One of the great pleasures of editing a short-story magazine is that you get to meet a lot of very talented writers before they become household names. Some you watch develop slowly, while others more or less erupt in a dazzling display of talent, and produce great short stories right from the start.

Judith Field is that second kind of writer. From the very first story she sent me, I could see that someday we’d all be reading her novels, or watching the movies and TV shows based on her stories, and a few of us would be lucky enough to be able to say, “Oh yeah, Judith Field. I was reading her *way* before everyone else was.”

So here is your great opportunity, to get to know The Remarkable Ms Field before everyone else is talking about her. In the sixteen stories in this collection you’ll see the full range of her story-telling talents on display: sometimes funny, sometimes poignant; sometimes whimsical and fantastic; sometimes romantic, and sometimes disturbing, and sometimes both in the same story!

But always, a good story, well-told.”

Daily Writing Prompt #403

August 16, 2014

A nations’s swear words are banned, but not because they’re offensive — it’s because every time one is said, something bad happens to the person closest to them, ranging from injury to illness to death.

In contrast, there’s another set of holy words that accomplish the opposite with the same mechanics.

Daily Writing Prompt #402

August 15, 2014

Cartographers exploring a new continent discover a convenient flying magic that allows them to zip around in the air almost without limits. However, they have to avoid the mortal god of the continent, who will kill them if he catches them flying.

Daily Writing Prompt #401

August 14, 2014

Entire armies become enticed by the idea of buying paintjobs for their weapons and armor, and when everyone arrives on the battlefield, no one knows who to fight because everyone’s armor is pink or red or green — anything but their national colors.

Daily Writing Prompt #400

August 13, 2014

People can live to hundreds of years old, but to stay alive that long, they have to sacrifice one sense every hundred years.

Daily Writing Prompt #399

August 12, 2014

A plague sweeps a country, but instead of illness and disease, this plague brings temporary superpowers.


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