Take a historic war, such as the Roses War or the American Civil War, and replace the combatants on both sides with little girls wielding pool noodles rather than spears or guns. Bonus points for making it edge-of-seat intense despite a lack of death.

Introduce a young prince as a decoy protagonist, then switch over to one of his door guards as the actual protagonist, fully characterized and everything.

Write four short stories with the same general plot, but with four different types of characters:

1. Fully fleshed-out characters whose emotions run the full gamut from happiness to sadness to fear to triumph and everything in between.

2. Static, “badass” character types whose only emotion is cold indifference.

3. Negative character types who only really experience fear, anger, pain, hate, etc. and never smile.

4. Perpetually positive characters who, even in the face of death, hope and smile and laugh and such.

A world in which the human population has bred together so much that there are no longer any identifiable races, only people.

To reiterate the title, there will be no spoilers in this post. None. No spoilers, for anything. Promise.

Most people hate spoilers, so it’s common courtesy to not blurt out who dies and who betrays whom when you’re discussing stories with other people. I had the opportunity to watch all of Attack on Titan without a single spoiler, and it was a horrifying, beautiful experience that I recommend, even to those who, like me, aren’t really into anime by default.

Game of Thrones, on the other hand, didn’t go so well. I hadn’t even seen a single major death in the first book before the fates of every single character I knew of were spoiled to me through an innocent, yet costly mistake:

I typed character names into Google, and the suggestions did the rest.

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A story in which humans aren’t at the top of the food chain, but are surpassed by some sort of monster that pretty much ignores them until it’s hungry, which essentially just means it attacks at random.

A magic system wherein people store up “waking hours” every night they sleep more than 7 hours, and can stay awake for as long as their hours hold out while feeling fully awake.

Write an entire short story (2500 words or less) in poetic cadence, breaking the rhythm of the narration only for dialogue, which has its own rhythm depending on the speaking character.

A protagonist who travels the world, not to save it or seek a magic weapon, but just because he thinks it’s pretty and wants to see it all.

Do a romantic relationship between the heroine and the evil overlord. However, instead of making it some tragic thing where they’re inevitably going to kill each other, make it actually work out despite their differences.


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