Daily Writing Prompt #527

At birth, kids are randomly assigned comprehension of a language. Sometimes this language is their native one, and these kids generally turn out to be novelists or other sorts of writers. Sometimes this language is another major one, and these kids make great translators. But sometimes, they learn a random language that no one really knows about — it could be a really old language that no one has spoken for years, or it could be a language used by a specific country way off in the corner of the world.

Your protagonist has one of these rare languages that she has no clue what to do with.

All Set

I¬†switched to WordPress’s Twenty Fifteen theme. Everything is up and ready. Enjoy the new site.

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If you run into any issues or have any suggestions, let me know. (I can’t customize the site’s HTML unless I pay WordPress half my paycheck, unfortunately, but I can always add or remove pages, fix links, and other little things like that.)