Wars are conducted via paint-based territory control: whichever side has the most territory painted in their designated color wins.

Every generation, new composers and artists are called upon to remix the national anthem in whatever style is currently modern. They may or may not hold contests to see whose anthem is better between nations.

A prominent philosopher and writer loses her memory due to some accident or something, and then slowly re-learns everything she’s ever thought by reading her own books and journals.

However, she now has new experiences, and finds herself disagreeing with herself all along the way.

A magic system that favors liars, masking their facial expressions and auto-tuning their voices to be calm even when they’re not.

Take several political struggles from the present-day world and retell them with whatever fantastical elements your main world has (or you can make new stuff, I don’t mind).

In the near-ish future, medieval-fantasy sword, bow, and magic duels become a popular VR esport. Follow the story of a player who roleplays the actual setting with 100% dedication, even if most of her peers don’t do the same.

Some blogging tips I learned from Midwest Writers Conference:

1. Readers love lists (so right off the bat, you know I’m exploiting this to test it out). On the other hand, “You won’t BELIEVE the SHOCKING TRUTH about INSERT CELEBRITY HERE” headlines don’t actually work too well.

2. Traffic goes up for posts with photos in them by about 30%, and by another 20% for videos.

3. WordPress is the best blogging platform for reasons I can’t be bothered to remember right now. But I use it anyway, so there’s that.

4. Linking to Facebook is probably worth it.

5. None of the above may necessarily be true in a year or two, or even tomorrow. It’s best to analyze your own traffic and decide what’s best for your blog.

A death system wherein every person can be resurrected once by being exposed to a single random item, which could be anything from a spoon to a spool of llama wool.

A magic system suddenly comes out of nowhere that allows people to influence others through speech. This magic system spreads across the world and is eventually revealed to be nothing but social engineering.

Write a melodramatic death scene in which the dying character gives his final speech to his tearful companions over the course of the story. In the end, he’s talked so long that his companions actually get him to a healer/doctor/etc. and save his life before he dies.

He knew this all along and was drawing out his speech to exploit the universe’s “last words” mechanics.


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