Writing Prompt #600

Fighting to become the best in the world, hundreds of teenagers kill each other, and the last man and woman standing become king and queen. Once this happens, the new monarchs enforce this fate on a new generation. Your protagonists, decidedly the “good guys,” do not change this absurd tradition. Why?

Writing Prompt #599

The prophesied hero fails to fulfill the prophecy, and so his hometown government has her stoned to death. She comes back as a zombie and fulfills the prophecy. Her village is then wiped out by a horde of paladins razing for justice or something, I dunno. Justice needs to happen.

Writing Prompt #593

Every year, on a person’s birthday, they start an epic journey to do something amazing. Usually it’s doing something great for their family or community, but some lucky kids get to save the world or rescue princes and princesses.

Also, I’m 21 today.