Write an entire short story (2500 words or less) in poetic cadence, breaking the rhythm of the narration only for dialogue, which has its own rhythm depending on the speaking character.

A protagonist who travels the world, not to save it or seek a magic weapon, but just because he thinks it’s pretty and wants to see it all.

Do a romantic relationship between the heroine and the evil overlord. However, instead of making it some tragic thing where they’re inevitably going to kill each other, make it actually work out despite their differences.

A society in which, in debate, ad hominem is considered the norm, and people who argue without fallacies are considered odd or foreign (when they’re not being executed for daring to hold different beliefs).

An immortal character gets on the nerves of some really powerful people, so they hire “assassins” not to kill her, but to make her life so miserable that she does the job herself.

That kind of plot is kind of inherently depressing, so bonus points if you can make it upbeat.

Take the current events happening with Russia and Ukraine, set them back however many years you want, and base a story on them.

A species that hangs around human settlements at night and eats their dreams.

The evil overlord is actually a pretty good guy, but he took over the world and set some reasonably bad laws to deter other, more evil bad guys from taking the spot and really screwing people over.

A story about a person who makes a living exploiting the legal system and taking as much money from everyone he possibly can. The big moment could come when he scams a self-righteous hero (who is destined to save the world or whatever) who goes to stupid lengths to get back at him.

A society in which beauty is quantified by judges. People are rated pseudo-mathematically on their facial features at their 10th, 15th, and 20th birthdays, with hair, fashion, and body type also being factored in. More beautiful people are pretty much forced to marry, essentially creating selective breeding.


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