Daily Writing Prompt #499

November 20, 2014

A world whose inhabitants build the world as they see fit, using nothing but a pen and paper, and lots of concise, descriptive language. This language translates into some form of magic, which in turn alters the state of the world.

Daily Writing Prompt #498

November 19, 2014

Each object in the world passively emits a musical note at set intervals. Different locations and ecosystems will have their own background music made by these musical objects. Man-made objects have these properties as well, based on what they were made of.

Daily Writing Prompt #497

November 18, 2014

In a nation where two factions really hate each other, a well-intentioned hero decides to stop the fighting and creates a third faction dedicated to restoring peace.

Now three factions really hate each other.

Daily Writing Prompt #496

November 17, 2014

People born past a certain year can pay a small fee to instantly boost their brains or bodies (one or the other) to the power it would hold if they were 20 years old. This results in lots of very smart babies and very stupid bodybuilders.

Daily Writing Prompt #495

November 16, 2014

A system of magic that allows people to directly trade time for money and vise versa. To gain money, they pay with years off then end of their lives, and to gain years at the end of their lives, they pay with money.

Daily Writing Prompt #494

November 15, 2014

Before a huge battle, a team of mages sweep through both army camps and enchant every weapon on either side. When the armies finally clash, their weapons do all sorts of random things from spawning squirrels every swing to turning into pool noodles — pretty much everything but hurting people.

Daily Writing Prompt #493

November 14, 2014

A sport in which people bounce between balls placed on the field and try to shoot themselves into the “goalkeepers” (who are also balls) on either side, missing the nets entirely. If they hit the net, they lose a point.

Daily Writing Prompt #492

November 13, 2014

A supposedly immortal king rules for a hundred years before someone finally figures out he’s actually died every once in awhile, but leaves lookalike a son or brother in his place every time.

Daily Writing Prompt #491

November 12, 2014

People get different abilities based on the types of hats they wear. However, these hats degrade over a short amount of time and must be repaired by tailors before they can be used again. This creates an economy essentially centered around hats.

Daily Writing Prompt #490

November 11, 2014

A government tests out a new structure rather unexpectedly, suddenly flipping a traditional representative democracy on its head: lobbyists and politicians now have to vote on whatever issues the people see fit, whereas the people can hold secret meetings to pass new laws without the politicians’ consent. How long does this last, and what happens as a result?


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